CSL - club of sex lovers: about everything what is forbidden

Club of sex lovers

Author: Location: Sochi, Russia Published: 10 Mar 2019 Club of sex lovers

It is believed that intimate topics should not be given publicity. To speak "about it" is not decent and vulgar. But these moral principles do not solve the problems of sexual literacy of people. Therefore, the KLS is called upon to answer those questions that are most often ashamed to be discussed personally with the interlocutor.

The club of sex lovers means:

  • discussion of intimate topics,                     
  • acquaintance with the experience of other participants of the CSL,                     
  • taking away your own problem for analysis,                     
  • informing participants about news in the world of free sex.

It is no secret that even on the Internet today are wary of intimate topics. Moderators and site administrators often do not skip articles and questions that may cause a blocking of the resource. Therefore, often we are left alone with our problem. For the sex club there are no taboo topics. It is customary to discuss everything without embellishment. Everything is appropriate: experience, experiences, information about girls. It is the last criterion that brings most of the participants here. And only then, having appreciated the possibilities of the KLS, they remain forever and become part of the general idea.

Censored in CSL

For those who are just walking on the path of frivolous conversations about sex, the question of what is possible here is involuntarily raised. And this is exactly the case when everything is possible. Immodest topics attract and make it possible to fully open, which is almost impossible in real, everyday life.


CSL participants are not only men, but also girls who are ready to provide and provide escort services. They are the real guiding stars in this old world of pleasures and frank ideas.


Mat, intimate dreams and the wildest ideas: all this is appropriate here and will not become a problem. Let off steam, share the secret and go forward, further, to meet new challenges! This is what drives the members of the sex club. Here they drop the box and may be who they really are.

What gives the club of sex lovers

Talking about the forbidden is not just idle talk. This is a real opportunity to find answers to your questions. Often, innovations and experiments in bed remain part of the fantasy. Fear of failure or fear of condemnation from a partner does not allow sexual ideas to materialize. In the club, they can let them say and ask anything that concerns or worries them.


Another purpose of KLS is to search for prostitutes, which allow you to experiment and enjoy these experiments. Here information about girls, individuals and agencies that offer cheap and VIP prostitutes, is revealed to the maximum. Guarantees, security, confidentiality, cost are negotiated among club members. Therefore, in the course of the meeting with the call girl, there are no unexpected funny situations.


Another key topic for discussion is the novelties of the sex shop. The fact that for a long time was inaccessible, today flooded with uncontrolled mass. Daring experimenters who become a part of the KLS company will help to orient in it.


Share your experience and have fun !!!

Club of sex lovers

Author: Location: Sochi, Russia Published: 10 Mar 2019 Club of sex lovers